At Business Klub our main focus is to help Small Business Owners generate more business. This is possible only if there are several networking opportunities. We at Business Klub are committed to making Bi-Weekly Networking events of great value and significance for the networkers.

Bi-Weekly meetings at Klubs are an effective way to engage with local contacts in your region. These forums are characterized by an open and non-obligatory environment where no hard selling is involved, but instead, the focus remains on building relationships, creating opportunities and sharing knowledge.

Small Business Networking

Meeting Format: 30-60-30

The meetings are chaired by the Klub President who steers the meeting in a consistent format (typically, 30 minutes of networking, followed by 60 minutes of presentations and concluded by 30 minutes of networking). The 60 minute slot is designated for presentation, wherein one of our designated speakers would speak at the specific Klub.

Speaker’s Topics

The topic picked by the speaker is from his/her area of expertise/ interest but is more educational and less sales-y. We encourage all speakers to add value to the audience than trying to sell the product or service. We believe that by educating the audience, the speaker is another step closer to helping the customer make an informed decision.

Feedback Mechanism

We evaluate our Speakers periodically. Every speaker who speaks at the Klub is measured on various parameters. This feedback mechanism enables us to help speakers improve their skills. Feedback is taken in an anonymous manner and the results are conveyed to the speaker with strict confidentiality.

No Forced Referrals

At Business Klub, we do not force anyone to give referrals. We believe that sharing referrals is up to the individuals and can not be forced upon anyone. Strong referrals, we believe, are a result of strong relationship built over time. We would like to give you the platform to build strong relationships, which will eventually result in stronger referrals.

Online Referral Mechanism

That said, if you do have someone who you think can be a good referral for another member, please feel free to pass on the referral using the Online Referral Mechanism. We do not track referrals, we merely facilitate it.

Member & Attendance Caps

The maximum number of members aligned to a Klub is capped at 50. After that a second klub will be opened in the same area. Each weekly Klub meeting is limited to a maximum of 20 people per meeting, to make it more effective and manageable. Members have to RSVP to come to the meeting.

Please feel free to bring along a friend.  Non-members are not charged for a couple of meetings, which allows them to get a feel of Business Klub’s way of working. Our Annual subscribers have the privilege  of attending any Klub meeting at any venue.

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