Graham Gell

Stock Market Investor

Author, Index Investment Forum

Profile Summary

  • Writer, Investor & Gardener
  • Author, Index Investment Forum
  • Active Investor in Stock Market


  • Member, Men’s Council of North Carolina
  • Member, Street Smart Sales Forum
  • Member, Business Klub


What does Quantum Physics, Positive Psychology, Einstein and the Hubble Spacecraft  have to do with Index Investing?

Come hear Graham weave the connection and learn why Index Investing is becoming so popular.

Graham has been a psychologist for most of his career and now is an author of a newsletter called Index Investment Forum. He has been an active investor in the stock market for over 15 years.



Graham also taught a class at Duke University on “How to craft a more fulfilling and meaningful life”.

He is active in the Men’s Council of North Carolina and a student of Yoga for the past 30 years.

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