A ‘klub’ is at the heart of our business model where weekly networking meetings occur. We are committed to making these weekly events of great value and significance for the networkers. This is where the importance of a Klub president comes in. Klub President is someone who drives the Klub, coordinates Klub events as per prescribed format and acts as the got-to person for members in that Klub. Klub President is self-motivated, experienced at chairing networking meetings and is looked upon as the leader.


What’s in it for you?

This opportunity benefits the Klub President in many ways.


1) Business Klub rewards the Klub President by sharing a part of the revenues earned from that Klub

2) This position opens up several opportunities to advance your business

3) It’s an opportunity to connect with small businesses locally


If being a Klub President excites you please complete the application form below


Klub President Application Form

  • If you run a business, please mention the name and the industry you are in. If you’re employed, please provide some high-level details
  • Specify name of city/country/area with zip code
  • Please mention your preferred day of the week to run the klub. Check all that applies

  • Please mention your preferred timings to run the klub. Check all that applies

  • Attach resume or other details that you may want to share