Michael White

Optimal Breathing Coach

Owner, Optimal Breathing Association


  • Certified Nutrition Consultant, Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Author of Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing
  • Author of Building healthy Lungs Naturally
  • Author of The Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit


  • American Holistic Health Association
  • American Holistic Medical Association
  • Oxygen and Health Association
  • Member of Business Klub – Fort Mill


In 1975 I wanted to regain my singing voice and began to study voice.

In the process I learned about breathing and its HUGE role in health. Impressed by this I decided to awaken breathing consciousness in others.

Through breathing.com, I have sent over 8 million emails and gathered results from over 85,000 breathing test takers, and I am convinced that breathing is taken for granted.

This is the most misunderstood subject in health and well-being. It’s crucial to have a simple inexpensively measurable approach to how and why breathing is so fundamentally important.

Hence, I developed the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit, Optimal Breathing School and private consultation, and I stand by the philosophy that breath is life.

Breath is life and breathing volume is the primary marker for health and longevity.


It is astounding how often breathing is overlooked in the health industry largely because it cannot be patented.


Our breathing affects EVERYTHING we do. Used as an adjunct to ANY health or wellness goal, Optimal Breathing® invites astonishing results.


It also helps remove physical and emotional barriers that prevent vocalists and speakers from reaching their full performance potential.


How good is YOUR breathing? Take our free breathing tests at http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm

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