Mike Fitzgerald

I.T. Consultant

Owner, RTF Computing


  • Business Klub


Mike has nearly 30 years in the IT field as an owner, programmer, consultant, contractor and support specialist.

His background working at Top 100 companies, 1996 Olympics along with small businesses is unique in the Charlotte market. With a degree in Business Management Mike brings a completely different approach to small business IT.

His work in 2 different Top 100 companies as a programmer and network admin give Mike the understanding of how large, complex networks need to be structured.

Mike’s consulting and contracting background have given him exposure to a variety of industries not seen by many in the IT field.

As a technology supervisor in Atlanta for the Olympics his work with international companies and supervisory role cannot be found in the Charlotte market.

Since 2002, RTF Computing has been helping individuals and small businesses meet the challenges of today’s technology.


Mike’s exclusive “Technology Pyramid”© process helps small businesses understand how technology fits into their individual business.


By restructuring small businesses using the same processes of Top 100 companies RTF Computing brings effective technology processes to small businesses at a fraction of the cost.


Lastly as a sports official for nearly 40 years, Mike’s ability to quickly analyze a situation is critical in this field.


When IT problems occur it truly is a “time is money” issue. Knowing what to do and how to stabilize a client quickly is one of the best qualities that Mike has as an IT Professional.

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