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  • Membership Features

    • Bi-Weekly Klub Meetings
    • Access Levels
    • Event Tickets
    • Event Sponsorships
    • Directory Listing
    • Web Promotional Ads
    • Online Community Access
    • eNewsletter Promotion
    • eListings (Classified Ads)
    • Promotional Articles
    • Web Technology Services
    • Power Listing Services
    • Qualified Affiliate/Partner Services
    • Referral Reward
  • Annual Subscriber


    • All Klub Access
    • 30% Discount
    • 30% Discount
    • 60 Days
    • 30% Discount
    • 30% Discount
    • 30% Discount
    • 10% Discount
    • 10% Discount
    • 30% Discount
  • Monthly Subscriber

    $30 /Month

    • 1 Klub Access
    • 20% Discount
    • 20% Discount
    • 30 Days Free
    • 20% Discount
    • 20% Discount
    • 20% Discount
    • 5% Discount
    • 5% Discount
    • 20% Discount
  • Non-Member


    • Full Price
    • Full Price
    • $600 per year
    • $150/Quarter
    • Full Price
    • Full Price
    • Full Price
    • Full Price
    • Full Price
    • Full Price

** $30 towards set up fees

Why become a member?

Business Klub provides a non-obligatory ambiance for networking by which you collaborate, share and gain with other small businesses.

But this isn’t just about networking. Business Klub provides ample opportunities for its members to achieve high brand recognition both online and offline – by both traditional and innovative methods.

Join us today and experience the difference.

Available plans

We understand that people may have different needs and therefore, we are flexible.

Chose our standard monthly membership or maximize your benefits by going for an annual plan.

You may even choose to be a non- member and attend our Klub meetings by making a payment only when you attend.

It’s totally upto you. No contracts & no refunds.

Payment methods

You may either enroll for your subscription online or have one of our authorized sales representatives or Klub President process your subscription, in person.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & Amex. We also accept check & cash at the Klub Meeting venue.

If you have any questions on any aspect of pricing, please click on the “Speak to CEO” and ask us your questions. We will surely get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Membership Benefits Explained

Q:Weekly Klub Meetings

Engage with like-minded small business owners in your region on a weekly basis and grow your network. Klub meetings are held weekly. Every Klub meeting will be held for 2 hours and will have a set format.

Q:Access Levels

Access levels determine whether you have Klub level access or a Global Access. All annual subscribers are given Global access, which means they can attend any klub meeting irrespective of the location. Monthly subscribers are given Klub access.

Q:Event Tickets

Tickets for periodic and special/seasonal/monthly networking events where several members from multiple Klubs and other small business owners come together and socialize. Event ticket will be priced differently, depending on the venue & type of event

Q:Event Sponsorships

Get an opportunity to sponsor an event and gain popularity (on flyers, booths, banners and event welcome kits)

Q:Directory Listing

Have your member business profile (with relevant details) listed on the directory site that is publicly visible. We will optimize your profile for search engines & social media.

Q:Web Promotional Ads

Post advertisements on our member promotions page that is highly visible to all members and the general public. This specifically designed for you to run your promotions.

Q:Online Community Access

Get an opportunity to engage with a closed network of paying members – to share, learn and exchange ideas.

Q:eNewsletter Promotions

Showcase your business or promotions on the periodic Business Klub newsletter distributed electronically to all members

Q:Promotional Articles

Get SEO-Optimized articles describing your business or your products/services which will be posted on Business Klub blog. This is purely to attract Search Engine & Social Media

Q:Tweak Ticket Services

Leverage our web services at discounted price from our sister concern – Tweak Ticket. Choose from a new website, re-design of an existing website, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, eCommerce solutions, custom mobile apps and much more

Q:Powerlisting & Citation Services

Have your business profile submitted to 50+ popular online directories that are most visible on search engines. Helps you achieve maximum online presence for your local marketing e.g. CitySearch, SuperPages, Yelp, Manta etc. The pricing also includes Citation Services.

“Price is an issue in the absence of value”

– Joe Plumeri, Willis Group