Walter Webb

Business Credit & Funding Consultant

Owner, Webb Street Financial, LLC

Certifications/ Expertise

  • Executive Leadership
  • Regional Management Consultant
  • Executive Consulting & Coaching
  • Strategic Marketing Leadership
  • Business Credit Building & Funding
  • MBA-Entrepreneurship
  • Risk Manager
  • Legal & Identity Access
  • Quality: LTQ, PSP, QIP
  • NREI


  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • National Association of Credit Management
  • National Association of MBAs
  • Legal Shield
  • Harvard Risk Management
  • Board of Advisors: Business Klub


Walter Webb is an entrepreneur, business owner, inventor, writer, author, teacher, trainer, speaker, business coach/consultant, investor, advisor, father and husband. Walter holds an MBA from Jones International University in Entrepreneurship.

He finished Summa cum Laude and he is now writing three books.

Walter is the Owner of Webb Street Financial, a business development firm specializing in building business credit and securing funding for small businesses.

Mr. Webb has expert experience in helping small businesses to build business credit profiles and scores as well as securing cash funding.


Walter serves small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, mature business owners, investors, real estate investors, franchisees, and professionals to solve their biggest business problems: the lack of access to business cash and credit.


Mr. Webb is a passionate learner, professional, coach, consultant and business owner who loves to serve others.

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